Lot #9
I stood there transfixed, staring through the chain links of an abandoned lot overgrown with weeds, garbage, and debris. A wave of emotion came rushing to the surface as I looked on in devastation and disbelief. As I read the sign I was unable to hold back the flood of tears that immediately engulfed me. Lot #9
When I think of my childhood I remember sunny rooms with papered walls and lace covered furniture. The sweet smell of peppermint reminds me of my grandma and the time spent talking with her while she cooked. How I learned to count by counting the roosters on the kitchen wallpaper. the sound of my mom’s piano playing on Sunday mornings and dancing in the upstairs hallway with my dad who had a laugh that filled the room. When he left the void was deafening.
Lot#9 is a visual reminder that my childhood was so much more than the four walls and ceiling that encompassed each room.
The 10 selected scanned and reconstructed images of family memories, photos, and personal possessions lay testament to the existence of my childhood home now know as Lot #9.
Over the course of my life, I will occupy many spaces. Each space I leave behind will become an intangible memory. And those memories, are the building blocks of my identity.